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Use file system filter driver to protect user's documents and prevent ransomware malicious encrypt the documents
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1 June 2017

360 Document Protector review

360 Document Protector, the name you can trust on when you need to protect your data files from ransomware.
If you are in search of a reliable, safe and powerful tool that ensures absolute on-the-fly security to your data files from various online threats, then this is the tool you are looking for. The effective tool will auto backup your valuable documents to prevent any kind of ransomware attacks. Other features included are: ability to customize the file extension for automatic backup, the backup data is hidden and is not visible to anyone except the protector, includes encrypted document scanning function, support for webcam protection and keylogger blocking, support for complete system protection, provides internet protection for malicious websites, online shopping, downloaded file scanning, and many more user friendly features.
Supporting the most trusted encryption algorithm this tool also supports protection for multiple engines.

Publisher's description

Large infection of ransomware is increasingly threatening the security of the Internet, a large number of user data files being destroyed by virus, such as the recent outbreaks 'WannaCry', a ransom worm spread by vulnerabilities of Windows SMB protocol, many companies and users Valuable data is encrypted and a large ransom was asked for decrypting the data, So far no one has been able to rescue the encrypted data even after victim paying a ransom, 360 Document Protector auto backup your valuable document to prevent ransomware's attack. 1.Documents auto backup Through the file filter driver monitoring file modification, backup the original document data to the free hard disk space, whether or not the user to modify the document will be backed up. Once you found the document encryption damage, we support a backup list by modified time for restoring data before modification from backup. Users can customize the file extension for automatic backup, the default automatic backup file extension like *. doc * .xls *.ppt office documents. Backup space can't be accessed and is not visible to anyone except protector, you do not have to worry about the security of backup data. 2.Ransomware decrypt tools We also provide the encrypted document scanning function, to help the user define the type of ransomware affecting your device, and provide the corresponding decryption tool. decryption tools we support, such as TelsaCrypt, Jigsaw, CrySis and so on, we also integrated the public decryption tools, such as Alcatraz, Bart, BarRax, Crypt888, Cry9, CoinVault, Crypton, Damage, Merry X-Mas, Noobcrypt, Globe family, WildFire, Shade. When we identify this ransomware, we will provide a link to download the tools for decryption.

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